Our baby’s birth

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We wanted to say a big thank you for all your positive encouragement during the hypnobirthing course - we are certain it made a huge difference!


I started to feel period pain like cramps at 5am,

but they were very gentle and irregular so we went about our day as normal and I walked to the PRH, about 40 mins for a scheduled midwife appointment. When we got home things were still very gentle so G went off to work and I tried to prepare the house by cleaning and doing some cooking, and also went to the shops and the post office - by which point the surges were getting more regular. But they were still not very intense and

I could easily breath through them.

So I went for a nap about 13:00 while listening to the hypnobirthing mp3, and gently slept through the surges. Then at 14:00 I woke up to a ‘pop’ as my waters broke with quite an intense surge. At that point I told G to come home from work and by the time he got back, just before 15:00 the surges were getting quiet intense and I moved into the bathroom, at which point I was pretty much in transition!

G helped by massaging and using the hot water of the shower on my back while running the bath. The hot water really helped - unfortunately although we had a birth pool at home we didn’t have time to set it up!!  We called the midwives and they arrived 25mins later, by which point I already had the urge to bear down!

The midwives took one look at me and told me to get out of the bath and onto the bed as the baby was well on its way!

The midwife was absolutely amazing, and about 45mins after they arrived our little Nola popped her head out into the world!️

It was definitely a very intense experience, but throughout it I didn’t feel any fear and just focused on being in the moment.

The atmosphere was really relaxed (I could hear G chatting with the midwives) and I had no pain relief (apart from some gas and air at the very end which frankly had no effect as I wasn’t really able to breath it in ) Nola was handed to me straight away, we had skin to skin with her suckling soon after. I delivered the placenta naturally, only about 5-10mins after Nola and with no real discomfort at all. I did have a small 2nd degree tear (which the midwife said was because her hand came out next to her head) but they stitched it up very neatly. 

Overall it was a whirlwind and very speedy labour which was definitely intense, but also a positive experience where we felt comfortable and relatively calm (apart from when we were worried she was going to pop out before the midwives had time to arrive ).

Although due to the speed of it all we weren’t able to ‘use’ all the different techniques we learnt, it was most likely so quick because

I was so relaxed, calm and felt prepared. 

Nola is now 3 weeks old, comfortably surpassing her birth weight, feeding really well on the breast, and keeping us on our toes (especially during the night...). We are over the moon. 

Thanks again and all the very best,

J and G and baby Nola

Shortly after Nola arrived

Shortly after Nola arrived

Thank you so much for all your invaluable support, which has helped us to have such a positive experience that we can take forward with us, and happily recount to Nola when she is older ️