Positive Birth Story: Induction

We welcomed the safe arrival of baby Charlie at 7.43am on 22nd Jan weighing 7lb 2 in the birthing pool at the hospital.

The labour didn’t go quite to plan having hoped for a natural birth, but it was as close as we were going to get! I was so prepared with listening to your positive affirmations, using a room spray and my husband reading the relaxation scripts to me every evening during the pregnancy. I felt so positive and couldn’t wait for labour to begin.

My waters went at 4am on 21st Jan at 39 weeks 4 days with labour unfortunately not starting, therefore I was booked for an induction on the morning of the 22nd which I wasn’t pleased about and desperately wanted to avoid. But we used our BRAIN and decided to go ahead as there was a significant risk of infection to us both if we left it more than 24 hours. Anyway, after a long day of waiting we went to bed at 11pm still not in labour. At midnight I had a mammoth contraction and instantly knew it was one. This then turned into back to back contractions, only a few minutes apart for 3 hours. The midwife came out to assess me at 3.30am to discover I wasn’t only in active labour, I was actually 8cm dilated.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a build up of discomfort and didn’t have time for tea lights but I listened to your MP3 and the breathing techniques helped massively. I do not know how I would have got through this speedy labour without that, so simple too, in for 4 out for 8. Charlie was born 3 hours after we arrived at the hospital. The water in the birth pool was a huge relief and I had some gas and air through the pushing phase but otherwise coped with just breathing.

The Hypnobirthing course covered everything we needed to know and we were both so positive about our birthing experience throughout and felt prepared and in control! Thank you x