Positive birth story: Unplanned C-Section

My waters started to trickle last Wednesday at 6am on the dot while laying in bed. It confirmed my mild period pains in the night was the beginning of labour! Not long after the trickling waters, my surges started.

I called the hospital and straight away there was talk of induction the next day due to risk of infection, if I didn’t progress. They weren’t pushy and did support my request to see how we got on. All your mantras - BRAIN, in for 4, out for 8 ... UFO ... kept active (went down the road for cake) were running through my mind.

The surges were getting more powerful but quite slowly and because my waters had gone for a while hospital again mentioned induction but were happy for me to stay home (we were 18 hours in now) for a bit longer and booked the induction for the following day - I said it would be a discussion and dependent on me and baby - B.R.A.I.N.

Without going through every hour, I was kept calm with your breathing techniques even when told we couldn’t come to hospital yet as they were full... 3 hours of labouring later (now 26 hours since waters went) and my surges had started to slow. I was worried as things had been going so well. We went for a walk to see if that helped things pick up.

When things continued to slow I made the decision to go to hospital because something didn’t feel right. The midwife wasn’t keen as labour can “slow down” however said to come in and be monitored due to my waters and just discuss the induction (I was never made to feel I had to have one but was always made aware of it).

Arrived at hospital, baby monitor looked lovely and low and behold, surges picked up again. The midwife asked to feel position and was a little confused to babies position so said she’d get the consultant to discuss induction and scan for position while she was there.

Minutes later the consultant arrived, scanned me to find baby was breech bottom down!!

So glad I followed my instinct and pushed to be seen at hospital. The consultant said we needed a c section - remembering your B.R.A.I.N I asked about the benefits, risks, alternatives (which she advised we could try vaginal birth, however the risks were greater due to being a first time Mum, my waters already going, her position meant she could get stuck etc) and my instinct was telling me the best thing would be to go with the c section as it would be best for me and baby (especially as my surges were picking up again).

Although a section was my biggest fear all pregnancy, I felt confident that this was the best thing to do. The staff at the hospital were incredible at reassuring me and 20 minutes after confirming the section I was taken to theatre.

It was such a positive experience from start to finish. I was home the following day and although sore, I am still using your techniques!

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for your guidance, breathing techniques and relaxation that my 39 hour labour and unplanned c section experience would have been the worst time of my life. Instead it has been positive from start to finish and and for that I THANK YOU!